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The house of the dead 2. HotFile<br>. 434MbThe house of the dead 2. HotFile<br>. 434Mb
The house of the dead 2. HotFile
. 434Mb
Date: 30 Sep 2009, 23:57
The House of The Dead 2
February 26, 1998, two years after the Curien Mansion incident. The secret international agency, AMS, has launched an investigation concerning the cause of the Curien case, in order to prevent the world from experiencing a similar outbreak. Strange occurrences, however, are reported to be taking place in the city of Brooklyn, New York, the last known location of AMS agent G, who has been gone missing.But the AMS Agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart are dispatched along with Amy Crystal and Harry Harris to investigate and evacuate the populace, but are met with an undead horde developed by the evil Goldman, the president of the eminent DBR Corporation and an expert on the genome theory who funded the late Dr. Curiens experiments
Coming at you from the deepest, darkest corners of Curien Mansion, these loathsome creatures are hell-bent on destroying mankind -that is, unless you destroy them first. As a special agent, your mission is to wipe out the zombie menace, and stop Dr. Curien's latest successor from carrying out his evil plans.Follow a twisting maze of sub-plots and discover dark secrets that will answer your lingering questions about the mysterious special agents. Experience enough in-your-face bloody mayhem that will leave your toes curled and hair raised. Highes graphics and expanded gameplay will shiver your spine as you charge through medieval to modern landscapes in a 3D city of horrors. Be sure to visit the House of the Dead 2. And enter at your own risk.
CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed: 133 MHz
RAM Required: 16 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: 640x480
Color Depth: High Color
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