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Terrordrome 2.7 (eng/demo/2012).<br>. 677MbTerrordrome 2.7 (eng/demo/2012).<br>. 677MbTerrordrome 2.7 (eng/demo/2012).<br>. 677Mb
Terrordrome 2.7 (eng/demo/2012).
. 677Mb
Date: 09 Apr 2012, 01:31
Terrordrome 2.7 (ENG/DEMO/2012)2012 | English | PC | Developer : HUR4C4N Projects | Publisher : HUR4C4N Projects | 661MBGenre : IndieTerrordrome this game is a small team of fans, one of whom came up with quite a brilliant idea ...This is a classic arcade 2D fighting game, but the heroes of the game the characters all the popular horror films since the 80s and ending with the present. Each character peculiar to their original beats and movements. The very idea of ??the project exceeds the limit of his genius, and at the same time, simplicity. It is strange that his fans are doing on their computers, rather than a serious studio. Skirmishes between the most brutal and ruthless maniacs and murderers will satisfy any fan of horror movies and video games.

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