Maya 8 indir
Maya 8 indir
Maya 8 indir
Autodesk Maya 8 32 Bit. RapidShare.COM
Date: 01 May 2008, 11:00
Autodesk Maya Complete software is a comprehensive suite of 3D tools for modeling, animation, and rendering within a single, production-proven workflow. Maya Complete - the choice of award-winning digital artists and animators - has an intuitive design that makes it a favorite among digital content creation artists and enthusiasts of all experience levels who develop 2D and 3D artwork for film, broadcast, game development, multimedia (print and web) or design visualization.

With Autodesk Maya 8, Autodesk demonstrates its commitment to meeting the demands of next-generation productions by addressing the fundamental challenges customers face today.

Core Performance - The 64-bit version of Maya 8 (for M’zoft Windows and Linux operating systems) enables you to address considerably more memory than ever before. Scalable multithreading in key areas of the software - including skinning, draw tessellation, and subdivided polygon proxy meshes - combined with workflow enhancements let you take full advantage of the latest technology and remove performance bottlenecks.

Productivity - Customize menu sets to improve workflow and suit your individual needs. Create primitives interactively. Work more intuitively with UVs. Enhancements to existing tools, in addition to new features such as Polygon Bridge and Transfer Polygon Attributes, make formerly time-consuming modeling and texturing tasks easier and more streamlined.

Pipeline Efficiencies - Autodesk solutions offer the possibility of unmatched interoperability and collaboration throughout your production pipeline and are designed to accelerate your digital media creation workflow. Exchange complex data with Autodesk 3ds Max software with enhancements to FBX technology and the addition of interchangeable geometry caching. Work seamlessly with post-production artists using Autodesk Toxik collaborative software, and avoid the need to re-render shots. Review your scene as it will appear in the target renderer - such as a games engine - directly in Maya.

Maya Complete 8 includes toolsets for:
Visual Effects
Paint tools
Toon Shading

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Maya 8 indir
Maya 8 indir
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Maya 8 indir

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