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Airfix dogfighter (portable). HotFile<br>. 130Mb
Airfix dogfighter (portable). HotFile
. 130Mb
Date: 14 Jul 2009, 17:26
Airfix Dogfighter puts you in the role of a kid’s airplane model come to life. You’ll fly around the house (and even stray outside from time to time) battling against your enemies in a classic Second World War set-up. There are two campaigns, one for both the Axis and Allied powers with ten missions each. The game takes an arcade approach to physics. Although your planes can travel (at scale) several hundred miles per hour, they can also maintain pretty good flight characteristics at a more modest 70 or 80 miles per hour. The game also eases aiming trouble by including a slight auto-aim feature that assures you’ll hit a target if you’re pointed in the general direction. The 14 planes, while not offering the same variance that you get in most flight sims, do have some significant differences in performance. Each plane is rated on a scale of one to four in four areas — speed, control, armor and fuel. Fortunately there’s enough of a difference between a two and a three for you to distinguish between the two. For instance, the Stuka has a control rating of one and turns much more slowly than the Typhoon, which has a control of two. Similarly, the Black Widow with its armor rating of four can take much more punishment than the Hurricane with its puny one in armor. I was kind of irritated that so many of the Axis planes have exactly the same performance characteristics. For instance the Fw 190A is a carbon copy of the Fiat G50 (although you score big points for including an Italian plane) and the Komet is exactly the same as the Me262. In addition to those planes you can also fly the Mustang, Spitfire, Dauntless, Bf109, Zero and, my personal favorite, the Hellcat. And if you’re counting the number of planes it adds up to 14. 127 MB Unpaks to 345 MB Unrar to where its conveniant and play its Portable and doesnt need to be installed Hardware Requirements Minimum System Requirements Pentium II 266 or better 32 MB RAM or better Win 95/98 or later Worx on XP Hope some one can test on Vista and reply in comments thx 3D Accelerator Card Required Download Airfix Dogfighter Portable:

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